About Retail Plus


I have been involved in both retail trading and computer software for many years. The first computerised point of sale (POS) system was installed in my business in 1984 and since then, I migrated through three systems. My computer business developed, marketed and supported school administration systems nationally for over twenty years.


With this experience, my founder initiative and chairmanship of the Mica Group (9 years), I assisted fellow retailers in strategic business and IT solutions such as; marketing, system choices, inventory range, structure, best practice routines and implementation.


UCS Software, URS, Ohio Systems and Ultimate Connection have consulted me in the development and enhancement of their product. I was commissioned by the Mica group (170 stores) to investigate and propose a new IT platform. I have guided a hardware group (100 stores with supporting warehouse), a shoe chain (80 stores), a music chain (25 stores), a well established building material group and a leading digital equipment supplier, in both the selection and implementation of systems. I have assisted a chain of office supply stores in setting strategic goals and guided their corporate restructure.


I have also had experience in creating benchmark parameters enabling performance measurement. ďIf you canít measure it, you canít manage it.Ē

Leading POS vendors and developers endorse the need for experienced retail consulting services and support my initiative.


I am a Business Warrior. Are you?

supplementary support and IT systems for the retail industry