Services Offered

 Evaluation of current business processes. Historic resource can restrict process efficiency and inhibit the business. A consultants experience assists in evaluating system features, giving a better resource base for process development.

 Needs analysis covering budget, functionality and human resource. Functionality needs and human resources are interrogated and the planned model re-assessed accordingly.

 Benchmarking of performance and processes with industry norms. Retail Plus is exposed to all aspects of business performance and can guide in the compiling of measurement parameters and process methodology.

 Facilitation of a new retail venture. Facilitate the many elements to be interrogated when planning a new retail project. This includes inventory, site, financial modelling, supply chain, store layout, IT and human resource.

 Retail mentoring. Thirty seven years of retail experience, in marketing, inventory and strategy, is an invaluable resource which can be shared.

 Selection of an appropriate IT solution. Retail Plus is exposed to many retail solutions and is ably equipped to recommend an appropriate package.

 Guiding the development of special IT requests. The development of additional features in any IT solution are always difficult to specify. This often leads to under delivery of expectation. Experienced guidance ensures a positive result.

 Inventory structure and conventions. The basis of effective inventory management is the structure of categories, their dependants and conventions that are used in the stock file. This is the most important element for a functional installation, assistance is imperative.

 Understanding the IT reporting requirements of management and key staff. There will always be a need for tailoring of special reports. Monitoring of this development ensures the desired result.

 Facilitation of IT installation. The installation variables and data capturing or importing of historic information into a new system needs to be guided.

 Compiling additional training aids. Training aids for new staff insures that all functionality is understood. The development of Video/Audio examples of selected processes and tasks are offered.

 Periodic evaluation meetings with management. Management assessment meetings ensure that strategic issues are interrogated and problems are high-lighted.

 Guidance in accordance with IT Governance norms. This addresses the structure of the business ensuring data integrity, managed growth and shareholder equity protection from informal or risky functionality.

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