Why use an outside consultant

· Effective evaluation of processes and structures are best achieved if the influence of existing company constraints is minimized, allowing a more lateral approach.

· Internal politics are negated.

· Observations and conclusions are presented earlier than if driven internally.

· In-house expertise can be focused on maintaining existing systems. They do not have the time or resource to investigate trends and new developments.

· The financial benefit of an external consultant is dramatic as he does not impinge on the working efficiency of the organization. Thus allowing everyday tasks to function smoothly without costly interruption.

· The possibility of a fresh lateral approach to the existing system can lead to cost effective benefits.


Advantage of a small consultancy

· You always deal with the principal.

· The overhead is low therefore your cost is contained.

· You don't deal with a team thus negating juniors learning on your project at your expense.

· Do not have a preset structure, thus allowing  the process  to be tailored to clients requirements.

· Can make judgment calls or approve contracts and confidentiality clauses with out referring to a head office.

· No conflicting priorities.

· We need you as much as you need us.

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