· Are you getting what you were promised from your retail system?


· Does it fulfil your future strategic requirements?


· Do you manage your inventory and margins efficiently?


· Are your inter-branch procedures secure?


· Are you planning a new retail project?


· Who do you turn to when guidance is needed?


· Recent retail growth (30%) has put pressure on systems, do you have the best tools to manage these new pressures?


· When selling your small business is its true value realized.

· In retail, not only do national multi-branch groups need sophisticated controls and procedures, the requirements of the smaller chains and stand-alone operations (SME) are just as complex.

· When planning a new retail project do you have the resource to ensure that all the necessary elements are defined and is the proposed model viable?

· Recent growth of the economy has magnified the need for better tools that are able to cope with the higher volumes and competitive forces evolving in retail.

· Most businesses have a shortage of able human resource thus requiring structures and systems to manage efficiently.

· Most software vendors lack specialized retail knowledge and do not always understand the client’s total needs. They may structure a solution that they are more familiar with, not good for you.

· Each business has its own character and a common everyday type IT solution (usually based on accounting rather than trading management) which is not always the best method of control.

· When selling a business the use of up-to–date technology has been a common factor defining an efficient operation and the subsequent  realization of goodwill.

· A Point Of Sale (POS) system that efficiently structures and manages your inventory is critical to achieving an equitable return on your stock investment.

· The retail industry can be a very lonely vocation, do you have anyone outside of your business with whom you can discuss issues and future strategy?


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